Our Vision

Poetic Unity is a Brixton based charity.

Our vision is to give young people a voice and to empower them to reach their highest potential.

We use poetry as a tool to support young people create positive change in their lives and in society.  

Our Aims


To give a voice to the voiceless  

In society young people are often silenced and ridiculed for their views. We create safe and friendly environments for young people to express themselves and feel valued in the community.

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To improve education and physical health  

We provide alternative education that uses poetry as a tool to engage young people and make learning fun. We focus on providing group and 1-1 support to help young people reach their highest potential. We believe its integral that young people exercise regularly, so we provide interactive programmes for them to excel the recommended daily amount.

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To raise awareness and support mental health

We provide programmes to educate young people on mental health and support them with holistic methods such as writing poetry to help them face their issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

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To bring communities together

We provide regular events which focus on building intergenerational and community cohesion.

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To promote the growth of the Poetry scene

 We are one of the organisations at the forefront of contributing to the growth of the poetry scene in London. In just over 5 years we have produced over 500 events, gave a platform to hundreds of poets, and created a BBC documentary on the importance of poetry for young people.

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5 years of poetic unity


A huge thank you to Poetic Unity for your poetry workshop today. You worked with 30 of our Year 10 inner London boys, who, prior to your workshop, would not have described themselves as particularly talented with words, let alone as poets. 


Through your calm and highly engaging approach, you quickly built a safe and trusting environment and opened important conversations about men’s mental health.

By the end of the session the boys were all writing poems exploring their own emotions which is a fantastic achievement!

We would love to have you back every year.

Kate Blake

Head of Year, London Nautical School


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