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Our Vision

A world in which young people are able to reach their highest potential because they are safe, heard and empowered to express themselves authentically.


Our mission

To provide safe spaces, programmes and opportunities that enable marginalised young

people to unlock their full potential. 


We use poetry as a tool to give a voice to the voiceless; supporting young people's education, confidence, self esteem and mental wellbeing. 

Our Values



We believe that in order for young people to fulfill their potential, they should feel comfortable in their own skin. So, we bring our own authentic selves and demonstrate that there is strength in being vulnerable and true to who you are.



We lead by example, encouraging an honest and open dialogue with the young people we support; in the hope that their futures will be built on strong moral principles.




The young people we work with are full of untapped potential. We feel it is our duty to do all we can to help them unlock it and we work to the highest standards to achieve this.



The work we do with our young people can be deep and sometimes triggering. So we work with kindness and compassion, striving to bring light where there is darkness.



We provide safe spaces to bring people together from all walks of life; encouraging inclusivity, inter-generational connections and the sharing of perspectives.

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Give a voice to the voiceless

In society young people are often silenced and ridiculed for their views. We believe its critical that young people have a voice, so we create safe and friendly environments for young people to express themselves and feel valued in the community.


Our team comes with lived experience of being marginalised and we use this understanding to inform the way we work. Our approach makes mainstream education more engaging, helps to improve behaviour and equips young people with skills that will serve them throughout their lives.


We provide programmes to educate young people on mental health and support them with holistic methods such as writing poetry, to help them face their issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment.




Our impacT



1,141 services provided

We've held 687 events and 454 workshops, a total of 1,141 services for young people since 2015. 

40,000+ young people reached

We have reached 40,000 + young people in the UK and worldwide through our services since 2015.


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no cost in giving programme 


Cost of Living Crisis Eased for Young Black People with Poetic Unity's new initiative


Poetic Unity’s ‘No Cost in Giving’ programme launches 20th March 2023 and will provide young Black/Black mixed people aged 12-30 years old the opportunity to enjoy the cultural highlights of London. With the economic downturn and effects of the pandemic, young Black people have been cut off from experiencing London's best events.

A new survey, commissioned by Poetic Unity, reveals 9 out of 10 young Black people (89.1%) that Poetic Unity support have said that the cost-of-living crisis has prevented them from attending events. This new initiative will bridge the cultural gap by offering free tickets to the cinema, theatre shows, art galleries and cultural activities. As well as free tickets, Poetic Unity will host conversations and gatherings directly after activities to encourage discussion and connectivity between young people.

Poetic Unity has teamed up with some of the most prestigious cultural institutions the UK has to offer.  The No Cost in Giving’ programme is partnering with Picturehouse Cinemas, The Royal Court Theatre, Theatre Peckham, We Are Parable, Streatham Space Project, Dark Matter Agency and South London Gallery to open their doors to young Black people so they can experience the richness of art and culture.


To find out more about the programme and how to access free tickets click here or go to Instagram @PoeticUnity. If you're an organisation that would like to be involved, email:  



Three charities partner and secure National Lottery support

to deliver vital youth employment and mental health scheme

£360,000 of National Lottery funding has been awarded to Poetic Unity, Black Cultural Archives and Theatre Peckham. The three registered charities based in the heart of London have come together to form The Poetic Relief Project. The cash boost is from The National Lottery Community Fund, which distributes money thanks to National Lottery players, who raise £36 million each week for good causes throughout the UK. The partnership led by Poetic Unity aims to benefit thousands of young people across the UK who have seen their chances of employment and mental health suffer because of the pandemic.

Starting at the beginning of August 2021, The Poetic Relief Project will provide programmes to support young people's mental health, personal development, and community cohesion. The Poetic Relief Project will give rise to the Cultural Leaders youth employment scheme which will allow the three charities to train and give 12 young people jobs in the arts sector every year for the next three years, where they will learn the daily operations of each charity.

The Cultural Leaders youth employment scheme begins in September 2021, open to young people aged 18-30 years old to apply. Find out about the Cultural Leaders youth employment scheme and the array of free programmes on offer to young people across the UK here.


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