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no cost in giving programme 

No Cost in Giving Programme

Cost of Living Crisis Eased for Young Black People with poetic unity's new initiative


Poetic Unity’s ‘No Cost in Giving’ programme launches 20th March 2023 and will provide young Black/Black mixed people aged 12-30 years old the opportunity to enjoy the cultural highlights of London. With the economic downturn and effects of the pandemic, young Black people have been cut off from experiencing London's best events.


A new survey, commissioned by Poetic Unity, reveals 9 out of 10 young Black people (89.1%) that Poetic Unity support have said that the cost-of-living crisis has prevented them from attending events. This new initiative will bridge the cultural gap by offering free tickets to the cinema, theatre shows, art galleries and cultural activities. As well as free tickets, Poetic Unity will host conversations and gatherings directly after activities to encourage discussion and connectivity between young people.

Ryan J. Matthews-Robinson, Founder and Chief Executive of Poetic Unity, said:

“Growing up as a working-class mixed race boy from Brixton spaces such as theatres, museums, exhibitions, and other cultural activities weren’t accessible to me because of the cost or because I rarely saw people that looked like me, so I felt unwelcomed in those environments. Although this has improved since I was a child, it is still a problem for young Black people today and this has been heightened due to the cost-of-living crisis. The ‘No Cost in Giving’ programme allows young Black people to not only access these vital experiences for free but to do so as a community and hold safe spaces for conversations that we hope will inspire and bring more young people together.”

Poetic Unity has teamed up with some of the most prestigious cultural institutions the UK has to offer. ‘No Cost in Giving’ programme is partnering with Picturehouse Cinemas, The Royal Court Theatre, Theatre Peckham, We Are Parable, Streatham Space Project, Dark Matter Agency, South London Gallery, Ticket Bank, Bush Theatre and Mind Over Matter to open their doors to young Black people so they can experience the richness of art and culture.


sign up for free TICKETS

Free/ discounted tickets will be offered first to members on our exclusive No Cost in Giving mailing list. To sign up to this list put your email, age and phone number in the box below then click subscribe. Please note these tickets are only for young Black/Black mixed people aged between 12-30 years old. Young people under 18 years old need to be accompanied by an adult on any visit and organisations working with young Black people can also sign up to our mailing list. 






Upcoming opportunities will be regularly shared on our Instagram @PoeticUnity and we will be announcing exciting new partners for this project in the coming weeks. If you're an organisation that's interested in joining this programme email: with the title 'No Cost in Giving Partnership.' Check out our amazing partners confirmed for this programme so far below.

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